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“We want to promote a healthy environment for those who choose to smoke.” On Jan. According to Mc Pike, this policy came about after extensive research by a committee made up of several faculty members from areas around campus.

Revising the policy was a process that took several months, Mc Pike explained.

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“E-cigarettes helped me quit smoking,” freshman business major Andrew Davis said.

“I was pretty addicted for about a year and a half, I smoked a pack a day.” Graduate student Kyle Popish tried multiple brands of e-cigarettes to quit smoking before finding the right brand.

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CU Boulder’s campus is completely smoke-free, something Mc Pike does not foresee as a change coming to UCCS in the near future.

“Going smoke-free might isolate and offend some people,” he said.

“We walked from one end of campus to the other side,” he said.

“We took into account common practices, where people smoke right now.” Designated smoking areas must be 25 feet away from any building, entrance or operative window, so as to keep smoke-free areas clear.

It is pretty easy to follow as I was a smoker and was used to going outside,” he said.

“It initially makes things harder though as I had to be around people smoking regular cigarettes while trying to quit.” Freshman Sean Sliney started using e-cigarettes when he was 16.

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