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Now Chris plans to make the most of his freedom and lead a normal teenager's life.

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PRID=1504367 Sinon, il faudra attendre au 20 juin 2007: Je te remercie pour les liens mais justement d'après ce que j'avais vu, ce film est en zone 2.

Par contre je n'ai pas compris pk tu parlais du 20 juin.

She is a relative of the Swedish actress Greta Garbo.

In 2001 Play's first single "Us Against the World" was featured on the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen film Holiday In The Sun and Disney Channel show Lizzie Mc Guire.

"Us Against the World" was followed by "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" a cover of a Diana Ross song.

The song featured Chris Trousdale from Dream Street and received high rotation on Radio Disney. Play included both singles plus 5 additional songs.

But what goes on in "The Biggest Fan" is so insipid and frankly annoying that the only people who could possibly enjoy it are fans of Trousdale and Dream Street.

It basically trawls through the box of teen movie cliches, from humour to characters and just throws them at the movie to fill in between Trousdale trying to experience normal teen life.

This reminds me of when Play used to be in magazines here.

;)Please don't forget about Janet's official blog and her photo blog. And tomorrow, the Rix FM Festival will be in Jönköping, Sweden!

In 2004, Don't Stop the Music was released with the single being "ever Girl" for Nickelodeon's new show that was never aired.

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