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On the north side of the second floor rotunda is the statue of George Washington astride a horse.

And to the rear of the George Washington statue is the attorney generals suite of offices. After trekking for weeks through dry and rough terrain, his exploration party reached an overlook with a view of the The name may instead derive from earlier mountain men, who named the river that flows through it.

And lastly on the fourth floor are balcony entrances to the senate and house chambers. Bald Eagles were still prevalent in the valley and an Eagle's nest was spotted in a tall cottonwood tree near the .

The balcony entrances are there so that the public can watch the legislature while it is in session. The new location was selected because it was near the intersection of the Oregon Trail with a major road connecting the Accounts differ about the origin of the name. It was built by Nathaniel Wyeth's American Trading Company.

Prior to its completion women did not have separate quarters.

Male inmates built a wall around the old Wardens home to serve as a separate facility for women.

The 416 resident inmates were moved to a modern penitentiary south of In 1992, the Idaho State Historical Society recorded oral history interviews with fifteen former prison guards.

These tapes and transcripts cover prison operations and remembrances from the 1950s to the closing of the prison.

The architectural inspirations for the capitols design were Roman based, and a few examples are St. The thirteen large stars represent the thirteen original colonies and the forty three smaller stars indicate that On the second floor there are three separate entrances; from the east, the south and the west.

The lieutenant governors office is located in the west wing, just opposite the governors office.

This building also served as a permanent place of solitary confinement. Although not a building, there is also an outdoor Recreational Area where inmates played baseball, boxing, basketball, handball, tennis, horseshoes and football. The most distinguishable feature to the capitol building is the dome.

The baseball, and later softball, team was named The Outlaws and frequently played teams from across . On top of this dome is a bronze eagle, 5 feet 7 inches high.

This building had seven two-person cells, a central day room, kitchen, and bathroom facilities.

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