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So by taking a look at any shifts toward one or the other metal, investors can get a good view of changing market sentiment. Federal Reserve “keeps the hammer down on interest rates, gold should see interest.” But after the minutes from the Fed’s December minutes, released earlier this month, hinted that the central bank may end its third round of quantitative easing by the end of the year, investors weren’t quite so sure of the Fed’s next move. Platinum prices can move higher from here, he said, but “I would be cautious investing in anything that pops due to labor issues that could be solved quickly, knocking the price back down just as quickly.” Still, the changing relationship between platinum and gold prices does indicate a few things about investor thinking.Platinum is more of a “supply play,” said Murray, while gold has been “reacting to overall risk sentiment in the market,” with money still very cheap. “As investors rush in to buy platinum, it implies they are looking to add growth investments to their portfolio rather than wealth preserving,” said The Real Asset Company’s Skoyles.

commodities price chart dating to 1700-82

Commodities price chart dating to 1700 Adult dating personals quebec

• 1450 to 1956: A “Reversed Engineered” CRB using the wholesale/Producer Price Index and 11 commodities as calculated by the Foundation For The Study Of Cycles.

(The correlation between this index and the “real” CRB BRIDGE since 1957 is well over 95%).

Platinum and gold are both considered precious metals and prices often move in the same direction, but they also have very different sources of demand.

“Platinum has been known to trade directionally with gold, but it has traditionally moved more on news out of the industrial/auto sector or primary supply region (South Africa),” said Tim Murray, general manager of precious-metals marketing at Johnson Matthey the world’s biggest platinum producer, said it would suspend operations at two of its mines and expected to cut annual output by 400,000 ounces in the wake of last year’s strikes at South African mines. The year 2012 was unprecedented “in terms of labor unrest and lost output in the South African platinum sector, and tensions are again high after Anglo’s release of its business review” on Tuesday, said Murray.

The information below is from a book I have called "Bread and Roses" The average wage earner only made $16.00 a week.

Some trades only made two, three, four, or six dollars a week.

2011, when gold prices started to consistently top that of platinum’s. “In 2011, we saw both the economy weakening and monetary problems increasing,” she said.

“During times such as those, investors take flight into gold as it acts as a safe-haven in such situations.” Gold is “not an industrial metal — it is money without counterparty risk and therefore is attractive in such times, unlike platinum, which reacts badly to weak economic conditions and currency issues,” said Skoyles.

SAN FRANCISCO (Market Watch) — Platinum costs more than gold again, a shift that reflects rising confidence in the global economy and investors’ bets the Federal Reserve is closer to ending its massive stimulus efforts.

Platinum prices settled with a premium over gold earlier this week for the first time since March 2012.

• 1749 to 1861: Statistical Tables of Commodity Prices from: Wholesale Commodity Prices in the United States, 1700 to 1861, by Arthur Harrison Cole (Harvard University Press, 1938) • 1749 to 1932: The Warren And Pearson Index of Commodity prices in New York, by George F. Pearson (Wiley, 1933) • 1782 to 1820: Jeavons Index compiled in 1865 • 1821 to 1929: Sauerback-Statist Index of Commodities in England The following commodity prices (start date): Gold and Silver (1749), Platinum (1938), Copper (1784), Crude Oil (1859), Heating Oil (1923), Gasoline (1920), Lumber (1890), Wheat (1749), Corn (1749), Soybeans (1914), Cattle (1749), Hogs (1749) and Pork Bellies (1949).

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