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Why would I ever want to portray myself as anything other than together?” Fanning says she has recently realized that she cares about “what other people’s preconceived notions” of her are. They always will, to an extent, because I’ve been acting for 16 years already and I’m 22,” said Fanning.Check out a picture of Dakota and Jamie involved in a "sexy" Facetime session on Instagram.

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I had so much going on in my life, so if I was going to be able to give a relationship the attention it deserved, I wanted it to be a strong investment, not something that I later regretted doing.

There were just certain things I knew I would want in a boyfriend that I felt would make for a more meaningful and longer-lasting relationship.

Fanning has managed to keep her personal life under the radar, especially when it comes to her relationship status.

Recently she dated British model Jamie Strachan and, though their relationship was public, they remained low-key as a couple.

Seeing how Dakota Fanning and Jamie Strachan have been together for a long time, they must have many things to look forward to in 2016!

According to Daily Mail, "The 21-year-old actress decided to forgo her make-up as she made her way through the departures terminal in an understated black outfit.

According to Just Jared, Dakota Fanning wanted all her fans to know that she has grown up.

She said, ""It's all fine, I've kind of made my peace with the worst parts.

Dakota Fanning is looking for some change in her life, relationship with boyfriend Jamie Strachan and her movie career.

Seeing how she got her fame as a child actor, it looks like Dakota Fanning has to put in some time convincing people that she is not a kid anymore.

We were in the same program at school and only freshmen – if this was just going to be some kind of quick throwaway thing and we were going to be around each other all the time the next four years, I didn’t want to get involved.

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