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He has growing to do as a person just as she does and I enjoyed that their relationship was realistic, not unbelievable as I worried it might be.

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After the nail-biting excitement of the past two years of qualifying races, the main event is nearly upon us !

We’re counting the days until the 2017 America’s Cup which will take place soon in Bermuda.

I think this would be a great read for anyone who is looking for an entertaining bit of insight on getting the joy back in your everyday 2: Ramona Elise Griffen is thirty six years old and a widow of two boys. Ramona was preparing for her class like any other time when he walked in. He is Italian like the other Leonardo but that is where the similarities end.

Leonardo is a college student and he recently moved to Austin, Texas. Soon after Ramona and Leonardo develop feelings for each other.

It's kind of frightening how much it made me realize I shouldn't take the partnership I have with my husband for granted.

What made me actually not be able to put the book down was that while Ramona was the central character of the story, each person within her life was on a journey of their own too.She's coped through junk food and routine but what she really wants is her life back.When 25-year-old Italian immigrant, Leonardo da Vinci, walks into her classroom she knows she shouldn't take him home.Ramona starts viewing the sites and smells of Texas in a whole new light with Leonardo’s help I thought Dating da Vinci by Malena Lott was a great upbeat and refreshing novel.Here Leonardo was a guy who could barely speak English and knew very little about America; yet he was teaching Ramona how to let go and live again through the power of friendship and love.In the 19th century, when explorers roamed the oceans, the pocket chronometer was the captain’s watch, a mark of his rank both on shore and off.

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