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The wool blanket was durable enough to serve other functions, too.

It could be bundled up and tied off as a transport carrier for multiple smaller items on foot or on horse, used as a large bag, attached in a travois for hauling “household” items behind a horse and so on.

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A well-made capote crafted from one or more high-quality wool blankets was surprisingly warm with its long calf-length drape, shoulder cape and hood, and highly valued.

Native Americans would trade furs, horses and even squaws for a good blanket to get through the winter; most were worn hanging over the shoulders during the day by a simple wraparound-and-tie-off method, and rolled into at night.

Wool has many advantages, but there are some cautions involved. It should not be tossed in a clothes dryer if you wash it at home. If you have to wash a wool blanket yourself, it is best to launder it by hand and lay it flat to dry.

Colors will fade over time with repeated exposure to sunlight, but should stay bright indefinitely if left in shaded areas or stored in a closet during the off season.

One thing to watch out for, though, is the “repro” blanket.

With demand outstripping supply on genuine surplus wool, at least one company has begun producing brand-new reproduction military blankets of both domestic and foreign patterns.

For more, visit or call 800-624-0201.descendant of those that were quite popular among the early sheepherders in that part of the country.

Available in two sizes, twin and queen, and three different patterns, the Yakima is a best-seller for Pendleton.

An additional upcharge per three-initial monogram over the queen-sized Yakima’s 9 price tag identifies a blanket as unquestionably yours.

For a maximum charge of , you can include up to three lines of embroidered letters (20 characters/line maximum) to commemorate a birth, a wedding, a retirement or any other occasion.

In more civilized areas, the blanket was worn as either a shawl or a basic cape, with a blanket pin under the throat to hold it closed.

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