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Attendees will leave this course with an understanding of the steps necessary to analyze whether a prior conviction may be used as a predicate offense for recidivist enhancements such as career offender and Armed Career Criminal.

The step-by-step instruction will guide students through the new categorical approach post-Part 2 is highly recommended for those who have experience using the categorical approach, or who attended Part 1.

The panel will discuss how the language of the PSR and other relevant court documents impact the placement, designation, and treatment of offenders.

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Participants will also practice applying the guidelines’ definition of “victim” and related sentencing adjustments.

Part 2 of the Economic Crimes series will focus on restitution issues, including determining who is a victim, which harms are compensable, and the difference between loss calculations and restitution awards.

If you are looking for Denver Christian counseling, or counseling in the surrounding areas, you have come to the right place!

Part 1 of this session will focus on BOP policies regarding the placement, designation and treatment of offenders.

After all, counseling is a very personal journey and the best indicator of success as you work through life’s “stuff” is a strong sense of connection with your counselor.

Jump right in and meet our Christian Counseling team here.Part 2 of this session will discuss BOP policies addressing the calculation of credit and will include a demonstration of the application of §5G1.3 (Undischarged Terms of Imprisonment).Scenarios will be used to demonstrate how credit is calculated in particular circumstances, and the panel will identify suggested language to best assist the court in achieving the appropriate sentence under §5G1.3.All of us at Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Denver, CO would like to welcome you to our site and thank you for taking the time to visit!Please take a little time to look around and learn about our counselors.Alan will review scenarios designed to provide a broad overview of recent cases.

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