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If he came back with a positive answer it was time to celebrate.

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Slovak love is the same like American, Turkish, Spanish, Eskimo or Swahili.

It’s only the manifestation of your love that is based on your culture and background.

The boundaries and etiquette are long gone and it’s up to you how you say “I love you” – “ľúbim ťa.” Our grandparents and their grandparents lived in a different world.

They lived according to the unspoken social rules based mostly on Catholicism.

Person who picked them, if any, must have no clue how they got into water. If she hears a cock (male chicken) first, she will get married and if she hears a hen first, poor thing is supposed to come next year again. Andrew is that girls baked fresh bread and put a piece of it in front of a dog.

The piece eaten as the first by dog showed which girl is gonna get married first.In order for magic to happen, they needed to water it early in the morning every day with fresh water transported from the source to the brunch in their mouth.This wasn’t always handy because springs with a fresh water or local wells were not close to the house.Whoever picked the wreath was supposed to marry the girl who made it.I really wonder how this one worked out cause the wreaths unusually traveled quite far away. Andrew’s Day a girl went to knock on a chicken shelter (a place where you keep chickens at night) and ask if she is going to get married.If the tree stood crooked than it was a shame for a girl’s family as well for a guy who build it.

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