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This year, my brother-in-law, Kendall, talked me into joining a family and friends football league. It gives us something to do together, and she’s pretty good.

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Etrade baby commercial speed dating

The 2016 Summer season has now come to a close in Yellowstone.

We would like to thank everyone for using Geyser Times.

2016 Summer GT Stats Thanks for making GT what it is today!

My assistant Nicole asked me a bunch of questions from a readers point of view.

The list of my biggest losers are at the end, where they should be. I like a good hit as much as anyone and I understand the physical nature of the game, but the level of aggressiveness has escalated beyond tolerance.

As I said above, this is a very well done commercial. I switched to long ago because of commercials like this. I watched two games this weekend (with one to go tonight).

These little infants made their on-screen debuts at a young age and used their pudgy cheeks and lovable antics to help companies boost their sales. Marketing veeps know that us humans are hardwired to find babies utterly irresistible (even when they’re naughty) and advertisers have no problem using this to their advantage when it comes time to get creative with Super Bowl commercials.

In Super Bowl’s past, we’ve seen babies help sell cars, Doritos, cameras and even investment advice.

Budweiser: Return of the King – So was the message that the entire country celebrated the end of prohibition, or that after years of no drinking even Budweiser tastes good? Such a policy does nothing to address the gravity of the situation at the time of the offense.

The punishment needs to be ramped up to match the level of the infraction.

I get e-mails and comments regarding a lot of these questions so I felt this would be the best way to get back to everyone.

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