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The new scam is an invitation to an internet-free Whats App messaging platform.

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Lastly, he also made you swift through some pages and download a few apps which could be a bonus for him if they too contain a malware.

A similar fake message about enabling Whats App Calling was doing its rounds recently.

Today, your private data may be important, but getting past the encryption of modern operating systems and software is difficult, but not impossible.

And after hours of planning and developing codes that can break through your smartphone’s security, the hacker just gets some junk photos and useless phone numbers that probably won’t fetch him much in the black market. Simple—he makes you click on advertisements, make you make your friends click on advertisements, makes them do the same too and in return, earns big money from the ads themselves.

This leads the user to click on the message, which takes him through a series of pages which has advertisements.

Clicking on each advertisement and page earns the hacker gain money from ad companies.

If you haven’t, then you should know that this fake message is nothing but a cam by some malware developers.

What you can do with a bunch of ignorant newcomers in the technology world? Welcome to the world of scammers, where you probably won’t need a virus or a malware anymore.

A new message on Whats App reads that your device supports ultra-light Wi-Fi technology and you won’t need an internet or data connection to run Whats App anymore.

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