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Finally, you can find all the latest visa updates that are particularly of interest to long-stay tourists and expats on our regularly updated Thailand visa news page.

Pattaya has been built on its thriving sex industry, that’s no secret.

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And if you’re the more adventurous type – elephant trekking in the jungle, a thrilling jet ski or banana boat ride, bungee jumping or a scuba diving trip, might be just the thing you need after a night on the town?

Having said that Pattaya has revamped its image significantly in recent years and is surely on its way to establish itself also as a “family-friendly” destination – Pattaya’s notorious nightlife and red-light districts are certainly still the city’s main attraction.

Pattaya in the 21st century, however, can no longer be reduced to its bustling nightlife, thousands of beer bars, nightclubs and massage parlours.

While Pattaya’s “adult entertainment industry” certainly still plays a major role in attracting tourists to the city, more and more couples and families, many from emerging source markets, have discovered Pattaya recently as their new favourite destination – and this with good reason.

And let’s get this straight from the start: Although the female staff of a beer bar will usually all be prostitutes, bars in Pattaya aren’t just some kind of “brothels”.

In fact, they’re pretty much like your local pub back home and invariably friendly places where anyone looking for a fun time is welcome.

If you’re a sports and outdoor enthusiast, Pattaya has more than 20 of Thailand’s finest golf courses, all in tropically evergreen landscapes and within a 60-minute driving distance from the city center.

Fun for the whole family and kids is always guaranteed in one of Pattaya’s brand-new amusement and water parks.

In the last couple of years only, Pattaya has seen the addition of a vast number of new attractions that appeal specifically to family vacationers and reflect the city’s changing tourism profile.

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