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That concept will be the usdm coupe, we won't get them, what we'll get will mostly look like this to engines, they will be small 3 and 4 cylinder turbo engines.

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On the new model, the styling is sure beautiful, and it will no doubt crawl nicely in peak hour traffic.

:) They claim- A-pillar moved back, more like a Golf.- Improved body rigidity (usual stuff), improved refinement etc.- Largher dimensions and more aggressive stance (accentuating the rear arches on a FWD car does seem rather strange though, but the wide track should give good handling in theory).- Of course they will have the new 1.5 turbo and 2.0 turbo petrol engines.- It's a unified model - I guess the hatchback won't use the Jazz rear end construction anymore. Waiting for the Kia/Hyundai fanboi's to come on and say 'boring'. After having enhanced a '98 Civic lately with some basic servicing I have to say they really didn't need to change any engine things since then.

They could've presented it in a gunmetal grey or something more attractive!

Also, concept cars usually look great, hopefully they follow through with the design, because alot of them don't end up looking like the concept plan. Can't wait to see the hatch, especially the type R.

:) The interior looks very nice, also — relatively fresh, modern and upmarket looking, compared to other compact cars. The design language including the rear end is consistent with the other vehicles in the range like the Jazz... And I bet the new turbo motor will mated solely to an auto transmission.

USA engines:- 2.0 n/a base engine- 1.5T petrol "Earthdreams" for mid-level and upper-trims, rumour is this would have around 147k W which would edge out the Mazda SP25s and Golf Highlines and so on in the "warm" compact car segment Tech specs:- Body rigidity imprvoed 25%, body weight reduced by 58 pounds (26 kg)- The hatchback will use the same IRS rear end as the sedan; no more torsion beam and magic seat rear-end from the Jazz. Honda are rapidly turning into the auto-only car company. I think with the turbo on board Honda would resurrect the sporty Civic look and come back from the sales grave.

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As for the engine I hope we get the new turbo engines. I'm reserving final judgement until I see it in the flesh.

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