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Depending on the nationality of the applicant the vignette can be designated as one of the following types of entry clearance: An applicant for entry clearance must possess either a valid passport or another document establishing identity and nationality.

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ECOs who are satisfied that an applicant meets the Immigration rules and requires a UFF should follow the procedure below.

UFFs should only be issued in cases where the applicant cannot obtain a recognised travel document and must not be issued because the applicant is unwilling to apply for one or they say it would take too long to be issued.

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This publication is available at https://uk/government/publications/entry-clearance-vignettes-ecb09/ecb09-entry-clearance-vignettes-types-safeguarding-and-validity An entry clearance takes the form of a stick-in vignette which is placed in the passport or travel document.Online Exam: 65 questions, two-hour time limit Price: 0/Member, 0/Non-Member Testing is administered by PSI.Visit its website to find the location nearest you. Certain features of the new website, including its accessibility, are still being finalised.To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, we invite you to use the previous version of the website. We will notify you as soon as possible when the new website is completely up and running.The key safeguard for both accountability and control is sole access to visa stocks.

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