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“This has a much different twang,” he proclaims, and hands it to a stranger.

The Horton Scout, as die-hard fans know, is actually Daryl’s old bow.

Last year it was replaced with a Stryker Stryke Zone, a more fearsome weapon that fires an arrow at a velocity of 380 feet per second, compared with just 125 for the Horton. “People send them to me as gifts.” Along with just about anything else you can imagine. He’s wearing on his head a “Dixon Training Camp” trucker hat printed up by a fan.

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All four soundstages have been claimed by the show.

It’s not uncommon to hear explosions and gunshots ringing out in these Georgia woods, as the cast and crew stage their daily Armageddon.

Reedus, 48, and Kruger, 40, were spotted leaving the Walking Dead star’s East Village pad before they enjoyed each other’s company at a bar called Mexican Radio.

According to an eyewitness, the duo stayed at the hotspot for almost 4 hours before they stopped at a street corner on their way home and kissed for half an hour.

At the time, Diane was still technically dating Joshua Jackson, but they announced their breakup in July 2016.

Five months later, Diane was front and center at Norman's art exhibition in Paris, and although they steered clear of any PDA, they later confirmed their relationship with a steamy kiss in NYC." data-reactid="22"Norman Reedus is currently romancing Diane Kruger.What makes a crossbow so powerful and deadly is the tension in the string—you use a mechanical device to cock it.And one soupy afternoon near Senoia, GA, Norman Reedus swats away a mosquito and demonstrates.“We take it back like Daryl’s got some superstrength,” Reedus says, and when it’s suggested that he’s deceiving America, he laughs.“I think people who use crossbows know that.” In most cases, he says, the bow he’s holding isn’t even strung—or, if it is, it’s strung loosely, because Reedus doesn’t fire real arrows.Most scenes, though, are filmed on a leafy patch outside town, here at Raleigh Studios.

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