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An infinitely better subject is your music, and your approach to playing guitar—it always kind of mixes up different styles.

But what's the most fundamental difference between your early albums and this new album, Shade? We were part of an ecological mosaic of bands, performance artists, punks, visionaries, and assorted sundry ne'er-do-wells of every strip and polka-dot. There were so many places to play to tables and chairs. I would say is partly about the blue that comes from finding oneself in a world that is no longer recognizable yet known all too well. Reid: Well, I believe that in adjusts to unravel people, or save them according to its whim.

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Later, Angela Carter's fiction blew me away and really instilled a passion for writing, bolstered by [Vladimir] Nabokov. Reid: I found the almost romance of [the characters] Ghost Bird and Control book?

Vander Meer: Something about that amateur Séance & Science Brigade group really attracts me.

SAMUEL: Perhaps we shall plow together one day, God willing. Encouraged by the success of his Amish phone sex chat line, Stolttzfus is proceeding with plans for marketing the first Amish automobile.

as “Freddie Mercury Casual.” His silver mesh tank top, worn with a belt over, black leather pants, bike chain necklace and pornstar mustache give him more of the appearance of a Tom of Finland character than your typical action antagonist.

You mentioned how a podcast could be kind of the "further adventures of." Well, I could see writing a novel or two just involving the Brigade, only vaguely touching on their involvement with but exploring other aspects of what they're up to. And I'm working on a long story that might wind up being a novella titled "The Bird Watchers." It's set a day before Area X comes into being and involved Old Jim from Acceptance.

Turns out Old Jim might not be as old as you think…or even "Jim." So, the Southern Reach wheels are still turning in my mind.

Others who worked on the film have suggested that they aren’t so sure.

In the 2007 DVD featurette, “Commando: Let Off Some Steam,” screenwriter Steven E.

I listen to it at other times, too, but it helps me write. Vernon Reid: I once wrote a power trio instrumental entitled "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" based on a harrowing short story by sci-fi legend Harlan Ellison.

And contrasts of music that's kind of raging and then more melodic. Fiction has always evoked pictures and provoked ideas and sounds in my mind.

Look me in the eye and see what’s going on in there when you turn it. He also points out the significance of the fact that Matrix’s knife is bigger than Bennett’s, thus causing “knife envy” in Bennett, prompting him to attack his “love/hate object”.

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