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Do you think the scene caused such a strong reaction because it was a sign that Frank and Claire have an equal relationship, at least for 1945? Like we're so used to seeing women being objectified, and as objects of desire of men, but it is very rare when you see a woman owning her own sexuality, and directing it, or orchestrating the sequence of events!

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It was a time when women felt useful outside of the home, not to detract from anyone who does that. But the wools, they're so of the place, and it was an interesting thing to see that process, the making of these heavy wools, because it was so needed in that time.

I think it's important to show that at that time, that's kind of where women were at. The winter here, when we've been filming, you see how functional all these costumes are.

It's quite funny how there was a reversal in the '50s. There's a scene where I was outside and it was snowing, but I had this great coat that Terry [Dresbach, the costume designer] had made, and it really keeps you warm!

All the crew was standing around with windbreakers and all of that, and I think I was warmer than most of them. And that nightgown I got to wear in episode one, it's so devastating that I only got to wear it for one scene because it was just fabulous!

Pi sa mi ten pocit oddanosti a rada splnm vetky tvoje sexulne elania.

prsa, usmla se a ekla: Iveto svlkni se, v prci jsem toho moc nevidla.

And the shrugs and the little woolen pieces are just incredible. It was silk chiffon, and sort of 1940s Hollywood glamour.

It was the one thing that we had decided that Claire had bought for her trip away.

Prijmem do sluby mua, ktor sa rd prezlieka do enskho prdielka. Ke bude poslcha a budem s tebou spokojn, krsne sa pohrm s tvojim prirodzenm. Ako zdravotn sestrika najradej oetrujem musk prirodzenia, take to s nimi viem najlepie.

Tvojho vtka ak dkladne vyetrenie mojimi stokami a do vstreku.

They're like, "Like, oh my God, can you just take off your shirt?

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