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This is a serious problem because the children will have difficulty in learning how to respect people in authority.

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So put on a song and have fun and dance with your kids whilst your tidy up.

Find yourself a reliable cleaner Having the support of a reliable professional house cleaner that you can trust can ease the burden tremendously.

Professional cleaners have the tools, equipment and expertise to efficiently complete tasks that could take you twice as long if you were to do it yourself.

Having to juggle all the parenting duties as a single parent can affect your mental well-being and eventually something will have to give.

There are many stresses that can build up from being a single parent, trying to deal with everything yourself can burn you out and lead to more harm than good.

Being a single parent is no walk in the park especially if you have the responsibility for more than one child, add the responsibility of work commitments, school commitments, running errands and chores, you have a recipe for chaos.This is particularly true for working parents and single parents.When everything is left one person to do, things become harder.This kind of teamwork is an essential thing for raising children who comprehend responsibility as well as develop strong child-parent relationships.Never Be a Friend Several parents try to be more of a friend to their children instead of actually being a parent to them.Having a cleaner come by once a month can ultimately give you back some of that time and energy to creating a nurturing environment for your children.

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