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But, the Navy spokesman said, "the villagers, they don't use that lagoon because they know there are crocodiles." Mc Clean, as a tourist, must not have known, he said.

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Arugam Bay Police requested the help of the Sri Lankan Navy, which immediately rushed to the scene.

But by the time the Navy reached the lagoon, it was past 5 p.m., and too dark to search the waters, Cmdr.

The lagoon where Mc Clean was attacked is located about a half mile from the beach.

On a daily basis, fishermen can be seen along a nearby river, lined with mangroves and vegetation.

But in a letter sent to the staff of the Financial Times, James Lamont, a managing editor for the newspaper, said, "it is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Paul Mc Clean has gone missing while on holiday in Sri Lanka."The letter said few details were known about the circumstances, but that the newspaper was working closely with Mc Clean's family and with the United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office."Paul is known to many of you as a talented, energetic and dedicated young journalist with a great career ahead of him at the FT," Lamont wrote.

"He is a member of the fast FT team in London and joined the FT two years ago as a graduate trainee."In a story published Friday in the Financial Times, Mc Clean was described as "one hell of a reporter" who was "tireless when mastering a new beat." Mc Clean, who grew up outside of London, was an avid squash player and soccer fan.For a fleeting moment, Lafeer saw an arm reaching out of the water, he told The Post."At the last minute, we saw the fingers," he said."We tried to find the body, we couldn't."After Lafeer and the fisherman failed to rescue Mc Clean, they called local authorities.Mc Clean had been vacationing in Sri Lanka along with a group of two female friends and five male friends, the Navy spokesman said.They were staying at Green Beach Hotel, which offers cabanas and rooms about a 12 minute walk from the beach in Arugam Bay.Lafeer, who was about 10 feet away at the time, suddenly heard a fisherman screaming.

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