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Sky will not be liable if they or any of their content is withdrawn or changed.James Murdoch has warned the Government that 21st Century Fox’s £11.7bn takeover bid for Sky is a test that Brexit Britain is “truly open for business”.

You can also get these non-subscription channels free with Sky TV.

These channels are not offered by Sky and their availability is outside of Sky's control.

Sky One commissioned Terry Pratchett's Hogfather for Christmas 2006, which proved to be their most successful programme ever.

Following that success, Sky brought out in 2008 an adaptation of The Colour of Magic and its second half The Light Fantastic, and in 2010 Terry Pratchett's Going Postal, the 33rd book in the Discworld series.

The show is such a refreshing change of pace from other programming, and it is very respectful, delightful and gives me something wonderful to look forward to each week.

I'm surprised that there are no posts about this brilliant shot-lived series.

The Fox chief executive’s intervention will be interpreted as a direct challenge to Theresa May’s administration as it mimics the Government’s oft used mantra that, despite exiting the EU, the single market, the customs union and taking an ultra hardline stance on immigration, Britain is “open for business”.

“There is a huge opportunity for companies and countries willing to act decisively and capitalise on the economic and social benefits that this industry can create,” he said at the Royal Television Society convention.

Sky also co-produces The 4400 and co-financed the first season of Battlestar Galactica.

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