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Still, there’s one group of Kanye stans who have decided to take action that they hope will dampen the chart performance of and its songs: On the album’s November 10 release, a legion of Kanye fans plan to celebrate “Hey Mama” Day, where fans will repeatedly stream the Kanye song in an effort to launch the track to the top of the charts.The idea is laid out in a post on r/Kanye on Reddit, which reads: .

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When the song is released, Swift decides to position herself as the innocent party being victimized by West’s uncouth stylings, a position she reinforces with her speech at the Grammys.

When she finds out that West has a recording of their conversation, she attempts to bury the footage so it doesn’t undermine her public response to the song.

When Swift appeared on stage at the Grammys a few days later, she condemned "people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame," a jab widely interpreted as referencing West.

last month, she claimed that West and Swift’s conversation had been recorded as part of standard filming West conducts for posterity while recording new music.

When she finds out that West has a recording of their conversation, she threatens him with legal action and attempts to bury it because it complicates her initial response.

She starts to steel herself for its eventual release when Kardashian mentions it in , preparing a statement and making it clearer that her response to the "bitch" portion of her song was emotional and genuine.

When Swift hears the song for the first time, she has a visceral reaction to the line and a change of heart regarding the song itself.

She issues a statement condemning the song without clarifying how much she knew about the writing process, and she takes a moment to subtly slam West at the Grammys.

Look back at the list of evidence provided before the theories.

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