Updating a kitchen on a budget

Contact us to schedule your free in-home consultation today.With kitchen renovations, kitchen remodeling companies normally offer two options for updating the look of your kitchen cabinets - kitchen cabinet refacing or brand new kitchen cabinets.It takes some work but then you will have a smooth surface, My husband says the easiest way to do this is with a 3 inch wide putty knife.

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We are a premier kitchen remodeling company, specializing in kitchen cabinets, kitchen renovation, cabinet refacing, design and installation.

Among the many services we offer to homeowners, we also offer countertop installation, as well as kitchen expansions and entire kitchen remodel.

Right now, I am doing some landscape in my backyard with ferns from the woods and other greenery that is perennial.

Cathy Related: Painting Tips from the Pros In my bedroom of our 1976 mobile home, we removed the built-in drawer unit/vanity in the master bedroom to make use of "outdated" space.

In my living room I used spackle to go between the paneling.

I just let it dry and sanded if areas were not smooth and I bought a heavy wallpaper (Sherwin Williams) that was discounted and wallpapered my whole living room. I hate dark paneling because I want as much of the sunlight and light as possible. I think I used about 5 to 6 gallons on a 14 x 70 trailer. I used one that was supposed to cover with one coat.We then covered the brown paneled walls and closet doors with inexpensive paintable textured wallpaper.After a coat of paint and an inexpensive carpet remnant, the room was brand spanking new! Use lemon or tungsten oil to moisturize and brighten the paneling.A whole new look can be achieved with a makeover at a fraction of the price of a full bathroom refit!See some of the bathrooms that have had a Kitchen Fit Sandiacre makeover..We will handle your kitchen renovation from start to finish, ensuring you're happy every step of the way.

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