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The problem had grown so much that demand for child webcam sex tourism is "outstripping the supply", Deanna Davy, senior research consultant at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), said at the launch of a new trafficking report in Bangkok.

Thailand is a regional hub for the smuggling and trafficking of men, women, and children from poorer neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar.

But in many ways, the new bill is even more all encompassing.

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The UNODC estimates that between 4 and 23 percent of migrants in Thailand are trafficking victims.

Jeremy Douglas, regional representative of the UNODC, said recent intelligence showed a shift in child sex abuse webcam centers to Thailand from the Philippines, where authorities have tried to crack down on the illegal trade.

Finally, police alleged, his demands for sex acts became so extreme that the victim reported the incident to authorities.

Brandin Basso, 25, is charged with extortion and publishing an intimate image without consent.

Scream — a former dominatrix who sits on the board of directors of local sex worker support and advocacy group Big Suzies — says it will only further harm sex workers.

She has asked that CBC use her professional pseudonym and not her real name. “When the government thinks it can control what consenting adults can or can’t do — that’s a problem.” Bill C-36 — dubbed the protection of communities and exploited persons act — would make it illegal to sell sexual services in any public spaces where people under the age of 18 “could be” present.

Officers from Toronto Police’s 11 division searched homes in Oakville and Hamilton.

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