Who is dating rachel hurd wood

She loves the process of film-making and filming was, she says, 'brilliant', in spite of having to face her first sex scene, with Ben Barnes.

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Welcome to Rachel Hurd-Wood Online, the original fan site for British actress Rachel Hurd-Wood. If you have any complaints or questions please contact Fan St. , I felt it was time to give the site a bit of a revamp, and as I am currently on holiday from work for a few weeks I will be working lots behind the scenes to get the site up to date.

'I'm not dark, I'm not,' Rachel insists, a picture of wide-eyed innocence.

'The main thing I consider in accepting a role is less the tone of the movie and more whether I think it's a good film, whether I like the character and whether I think I could do it.

Tomorrow When The War Began Release Date: February 24th, 2012 Synopsis Based on John Marsden’s popular and critically- acclaimed novel which has sold over 628, 863 copies in Australia alone, THE AGE refers to the series of books as ‘The best series for Australian teens of all time’ TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN’ follows the…

Tall and slim, with proper curves, a halo of strawberry blonde curls, creamy skin, huge periwinkle blue eyes and a neat tip-tilted nose, she's a perfect English rose.'I'm not thick.' She's not interested in her own burgeoning celebrity. I'm not the type to go to the places where I know I'll be seen. It's eight on a Monday morning and I'm snogging this bloke I don't know.' She's seen the film once and reports that 'the sex bit wasn't too bad actually. I was all right, I suppose, and the film's really good so that's OK.' It has an amazing cast, I say (Colin Firth, Fiona Shaw and Rebecca Hall co-star). I'd rather keep a low profile.' Instead she enjoys making an impact on screen. 'I wouldn't be upset if I never acted again,' she announces.'I've had an amazing time so far so I'm not regretful, and obviously if there are more roles coming then I'd love to do them, but if not then I'll teach, so it's fine.' Parker thinks this gives her strength.Other than her breakthrough role, aged 12, as Wendy in PJ Hogan's blockbuster version of , a comic-book adaptation set in 17th-century England, out later this year, she stars alongside James Purefoy and Pete Postlethwaite as a Puritan girl enslaved by demons from hell; and in the film she is here to promote, 's Prince Caspian).

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