Who is emmett cullen dating in twilight

I believe his name is Emmett, we’ve never talked because I have incredible anxiety when it comes to meeting new people. “ "Sorry, I have plans.” I said while turning around. "Dude, get the hint she’s not interested, now move your desk back before I do it for you.“ Mike fell back into his chair and scooted his desk back farther than where it started. He did not talk to me for the rest of that class and actually, the rest of that week.

I thought all the flirting was just to embarrass me, and make Mike jealous, I had never thought a gorgeous, male model look alike, could actually want to go out with me. It included a baby pink velour slip dress with satin lining, and black pumps to go with it. I sat down in front of my vanity looking at my untamed hair. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other from now on. “Well, I planned something special for us.” He smirked and pulled into the parking lot of a beach.

Bella was kind enough to help me with my hair as I put on light pink blush, and a soft rose colored lipstick. Bella stood next to me while I was looking in the mirror. Emmett has been waiting a really long time for a girl like you.” Bella exclaimed. I bet girls fawn over him all the time.” Bella shook her head. Bella and I walked downstairs, I had previously told my parents NOT to open the door when Emmett was here, Bella walked over and opened the door, Emmett was standing there in a steel blue button down shirt that was rolled up to his forearms, and black pants. As soon as our eyes met I broke out in a huge grin. He handed me my flowers and slinked his arm around my waist pulling me towards his muscular body as we walked to his car. By the time I unbuckled my seatbelt Emmett had my car door open.

Emmett sneaked up and rested his arm against the lockers, leaning in to me. Bella opened my closet to see the remains which included an old Halloween costume, a t shirt with multiple holes in it, and a spare set of sheets.

“Enough of this cat and mouse game (Y/N), let me finally take you out on a date.” I was shocked. After about three minutes of circling my room, picking up and putting down clothes, Bella had put together an outfit.

I only know this because he sits right next to me, of course just my luck. I was trying to think of a way to thank my savior but couldn’t come up with anything.

He asked me to borrow a pencil one day and I was completely frozen in admiration of his muscular frame and adorable softness of his perfectly shaped lips, his nose, his everything was incredible. I was planning on making the leap and talking to him.

This took a while to complete, but I really wanted this one to be something special!

I really hope you guys like this Emmett x Reader, I took 3 different requests and fit them all in together. Requests: (#1)Could you please write an imagine on what it would be like to be mated to Emmett if the reader was really shy and/or socially awkward? (#2) For the Emmett Cullen request, maybe something were the reader is very tiny and shy so he constantly flirts with her to get a reaction out of her?

We jogged for a minute before he pulled me towards him, I was lifted up and twirled around in his arms.

"Not so fast, I want to enjoy this.“ I brushed a piece of my hair back and put my arms around his shoulder, gently caressing the soft chocolate curls on his head.

I got the feeling that Emmett knew his flirtatious advances made me anxious, I think that’s part of the reason he does it too.

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