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A show rep admitted that while Jake and Vienna’s sitdown was “emotionally charged,” no one was “ever physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.” The segment aired in July 2010 with host Chris Harrison acting as mediator.

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He appeared as a contestant in “The Bachelorette” in summer 2009 as one of Jillian Harris’s suitors, though he was eliminated fairly early.

Yet in January 2010, ABC made him the star of the next “Bachelor.” [Bachelor Nation is one big, incestuous family] The season was a low point, as Jake proposed to Vienna Girardi, known as the season’s villain — though most of the controversy occurred after the episodes ended.

Look at all of these other stars who have gotten up and gotten out in the middle of a LIVE interview!

See all of the uncomfortable conversations…AFTER THE JUMP!!! The plane did eventually complete its trip to Washington, and plus, everyone got free pizza!

This incident did endear him to “Bachelor” franchise fans.

Jake, who proceeded to take dabble in reality TV and even wound up on spin-off “Bachelor Pad,” is still considered one of the most widely-disliked contestants ever.

's Jake Pavelka has spoken publicly about his romance with Kristin Chenoweth for the first time.

Chenoweth confirmed that she is dating Pavelka in December after the pair were spotted canoodling in West Hollywood and in the over the weekend."We've been seeing a little bit of each other and she is just one of the most incredibly warm, selfless, kind people I have ever met," Pavelka said.

At one point, he loudly snapped at Vienna to stop interrupting him; she burst into tears and walked off set.

As viewers watched in horror, Jake stayed seated and appeared almost pleased with himself — as he’d proved his point that his ex was just impossible to deal with.

During the premiere, the man’s identity was finally revealed — and for some viewers, it was worse than they ever could have imagined.

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