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Yamano Gakki distributed Gibson and Korean Epiphone guitars and also produced a limited range of Epiphone Japan semi-acoustic guitars in cooperation with Gibson.

In 1988 Yamano Gakki decided to expand the Epiphone Japan model range to include solid body models as well as semi-acoustic models.

In 1983, Epiphone export production moved from Japan to Korea and In 1987, Yamano Gakki obtained the Epiphone Japan dealership and produced a limited range of Epiphone Japan semi acoustic models in cooperation with Gibson.

The Terada guitar factory in Japan was used to make the Yamano Gakki Epiphone Japan guitars.

Presidents Cup captain Steve Stricker knew as the words left his mouth that what he was telling Phil Mickelson last month in Akron, Ohio, was a bit odd and rather awkward.

“Yeah, I apologized for that,” Stricker said sheepishly at The Northern Trust. “It doesn’t sound right coming from a guy like me.” Mickelson, winless since the 2013 Open Championship, had struggled to contend all season, has had issues focusing and languished outside of the top 10 in the Presidents Cup standings (a T-6 finish at Dell Technologies elevated him to 15 consecutive year, an incredible run that dates to the inaugural Presidents Cup in 1994.

The Aria and Gibson Epiphone Japan partnership ended in 1983 with the production of Epiphone guitars for export being moved to Korea.

In 1987 Yamano Gakki obtained the Gibson and Epiphone dealership in Japan.

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